Hi K & T, from Ginny & Hugh, the sellers of the Marine house.

We've tried to reach you by other means, but haven't been successful. Two things:

  1. We're having a farewell pizza party for ourselves and the house, which could also be a welcome party for you. If you and your kids would like to come, it's this Sunday, 4-7 pm, April 7. We hope you can make it.
  2. Also, we have some furniture that we could leave in the house for you if you'd like. The available items are pictured in in Batch #1 below, and then some tentative things in Batch #2 below. The things in Batch #2 we gave to a woman who lost all her furniture, but we're uncertain whether she's able to return to get them. If you're interested in any of the things in either batch, please let us know soon. Anything you're not interested in, we'll remove.

If you please can, will you respond to both of the above very soon:


and/or hugh@marineonstcroix.com



  BATCH #1      

2 cane chairs, long bench, 4 gold-rimmed china plates, plastic drawer set, 2 worn wicker chairs, a set of sheving made from an antique screen door & reclaimed wood, a heavy dolly, bags of topsoil


BATCH #2 below -

We gave a woman these towards the end of our moving sale because she'd lost all her furniture, but we're uncertain whether she'll return to get them. If she doesn't, are you interested? Otherwise we'll remove them.


Big soft easy chair - worn, 2 swivel easy chairs, an antique mahogany chest of drawers, orange wing-back chair.