Why Hugh Married Ginny

It was early in their relationship, and a hip couple, the same couple who had thrown the big Valentine's Day party where Ginny and Hugh met,

invited the two of them and a couple other friends to go sailing on their little boat on White Bear Lake.

It was mid-spring in Minnesota, and at one point while they lay becalmed on the water, Ginny decided to jump in the still-cold water in her shirt and shorts. So she pulled off her shoes, stood up, and leaped in. She emerged from underwater with a low scream "oooooooo", exclaiming how cold it was. And then, as the rest of the party all watched, she swam out away from the boat emitting more little screams - "oooooo" - as she swam - "oooooo".

One of the women turned to Hugh, smiled, and asked, "Is she always this much fun?"

And Hugh answered proudly, "Yes....she is."


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