4th of July 2002 Gatherings

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3rd of July - Black's 1
3rd of July - Black's 2

3rd of July - Evening 1
3rd - Evening 2: Twosome
3rd - Evening 3: Jack's Dear
3rd - Evening 4: End of Eve

4th of July - Roberta's 1
4th of July - Roberta's 2
Roberta's 3 - Deb's Kids
4th - Bev works the crowd

4th of July Parade

4th of July - Brooksbanks 1
Brooksbanks2 Eggtoss
Brooksbanks3 Model Shoot
Brooksbanks4 Waning Day

4th of July Evening 1
4th of July Evening 2
4th of July Evening 3
Eve: Janet eats a Rib
Eve: Roberta has a Beer

Ice Cream after Parade

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