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Most of these websites would cost between $500 and $2000.

This includes designing the site, producing the pages, uploading them to your server, and assuring that the site is working properly.

Your additional costs would be, of course, acquiring and maintaining a
domain name, and paying for hosting on a server. We can also arrange those for you fairly inexpensively if you so desire.

Examples of additions that could raise your costs:

  • Having us find affordable and effective hosting and getting domain name (not expensive)
  • Rollover buttons
  • Animations
  • Fitting pages more exactly on browsers (never a sure thing, however)
  • Special design to help search engines find the site
  • More elaborate designs
  • Changes that you request after you've given us the material - Charge: $7 per quarter-hour (some changes are simple and inexpensive, some not)
  • Maintenance that you request after the site's finished - Charge: $7 per quarter-hour
  • Manipulating images that you provide, to make them web-ready
  • Producing or acquiring images to use and manipulating them

Note #1: You can see the present web site of Minnesota Careers at:

But, alas, they have updated it since I left that position two years ago, and my contributions to the present site were only indirect. It's now flashier, but much less clear and I'm afraid harder to negotiate. However, if you care to look at it, you can see the depth of the information that it contains (and contained). 

Note #2: I made a partial contribution to this site.Some of my work from another site was used on this site.

Hugh Heimdahl