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The City of Marine on St. Croix is well served by a combination of state, county, and local roads. The transportation map shows the road system in Marine and the functional classification of each existing road. A description of the hierarchy of street functions follows.

Minor Arterial

A minor arterial street functions to collect traffic from local streets and move it to principal arterials, minor arterials and collector streets. Marine contains three streets that can be classified as minor arterials, TH 95, County Road 4, and County Road 7.

TH 95, an “A” minor arterial, is a two lane state highway that carries traffic through Marine as well as provides access to the collector streets and indirect access to the Central Business District. There are no improvements scheduled for this stretch of TH 95 through the year 2020 beyond normal road maintenance.

County Road 7, an “A” minor arterial, extends into Marine from the southwest, providing a minor arterial connection between Marine and other County roads and highways. Washington County has no plans to improve County Road 7 within the next ten years, except for possible minor improvements where the road intersections Highway 95.

County Road 4, classified as a “B” minor arterial, provides an indirect east-west route and access to local streets as well as some direct land access. Washington County has no plans to improve this road within the next ten years.


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Collector Streets

A collector street is intended to provide both mobility and access to land and connects primarily to minor arterials. Marine has two streets that can be classified as collector streets, Judd Street and Broadway west of County Road 4. Judd Street provides a north-south route to the core of the city. It connects with County Road 7 and TH 95. Broadway Street provides a direct east/west route from the core of the City.


Local Streets

Local streets are intended to provide access to land within neighborhoods rather than to carry through traffic. Streets classified as local can be seen on the transportation map. Local streets in Marine have a small town character with varying widths and swales and ditches rather than curbs and gutters to deal with storm water.


A bicycle trail has been established in the City which generally follows TH 95 with the exception of the central part of the City, where the trail runs one block west of TH 95 along local streets.

Easements for approximately five miles of walking trails have been assembled over the last 20 years. The trail easements generally run from the center of the City outward, including William O’Brien State Park. Until recently there have been gaps in the route, and, therefore, development did not take place. Currently, the trails are beginning to be developed by cutting brush and mowing.


There are no airports located in the City. The closest regional minor airport is located in Lake Elmo.


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